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The ultimate meta-skill

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I am Nitin - Co-founder at Orgzit.

We’re testing a new idea for our newsletter starting this edition. Instead of providing a list of updates about Orgzit, in each newsletter from here on, we will be sharing the story of one of Orgzit's users.

I think this has two key benefits:

  1. It helps us foster deeper collaboration and relationships within the Orgzit community. Remember our resolution on “Building relationships” for 2021?

  2. We all can better understand and share how individual users are able to create more impact in their daily lives. This has a direct influence on our product roadmap and focus.

I am really curious to know what you think. So, please do reply to share your thoughts.

Let us now get into our story for today.

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Following Up in Sales is the Ultimate Meta-Skill

It is a well-understood fact that in sales following up is critical to more deal closures.

Yet, we all are guilty of missing them often.

Yesterday, I was on a call with Stefan, an Orgzit user from the sales team at a US electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturers rep. For Stefan, in any given quarter 60 to 70% of his business came from existing clients.

The primary factor that decided whether he would get this business was how regular he was in following up with his clients.

Stefan usually was on top of his game until Covid-19, when everyone was forced to go remote. He had maintained a list of his customers and their upcoming orders in an Excel sheet. While working from the office, it was easy for him to walk over to his colleague’s desk to get an update and easily maintain his follow-up sheet.

Stefan’s system however broke down soon after he started working from home.

He was no longer able to:

  1. get quick updates by shouting or walking across the hall

  2. information was spread across emails, phone calls recordings, post-it notes

  3. and worst of all, multiple copies of his, previously neatly organized, Excel sheet.

Stefan’s follow-up system was thrown into a spin.

Due to information scattered across multiple places, Stefan no longer had a good way of collaborating with his team and getting follow-up reminders on the opportunities.

His customers started complaining that he wasn’t regular at following up and worse gave their business to one of Stefan’s competitors.

It was around the same time when another team from Stefan’s firm had started using Orgzit CRM. Stefan’s prior experience with CRMs had been anything but helpful. Initially, he was very skeptical!

However, once Stefan started using Orgzit he developed a whole new way to stay on top of his opportunity pipeline and follow-ups.

With Orgzit, Stefan is back in control without the rigidity of other CRMs that he had experienced in the past. He is back on top of his game, where, he never misses any follow-up or task! 

Here are a few Orgzit functionalities that helped him along:

  • 📝Every morning, he gets a list of the calls due for the day through Orgzit Filter Subscriptions.

  • 📊As soon as he starts his day and opens his Orgzit dashboard on his phone. There he sees his most important tasks for the day, a list of follow-ups, all high priority stuff is available at a single glance.

  • ⏰While working throughout the day, taking calls, and completing tasks, he sets up reminders and automated reminders right within Orgzit and lets the system do the rest. He has a personal assistant of sorts.

All this helped Stefan get back into the driver’s seat where he is fully in control of his day right from the get-go.

If you face similar issues in tracking your tasks and being updated about what next, we’d love to connect and help set up Orgzit reminders for you!

Happy collaborating!
Nitin - Power of Enterprise CRM with Flexibility of Excel