Two Resolutions for Orgzit In 2021

We are supercharged to make 2021 a super productive and successful year for you!

Hello there, wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

We’re back. We’re back to make your work lives easier and more productive.

I even got a full week off. This gave me A LOT of time to think about 2021.

I realized that we’ve been pushing a lot many new features but we need to do a better job at helping you get the maximum benefit.

Here are 2 resolutions we have made for 2021 to create more value for you.

1.Ensure That Things Compound

Small improvements make a massive impact over time. In 2021, we will make sure we improve something each day to create more value for you.

We will be proactively reaching out to you to learn more about how Orgzit fits within your daily routine and help you get more value from the new features or working with you to find easier ways to manage and grow your business.

2. Build Relationships

You, our users, are the only reason Orgzit exists.

We realized that our users are much better than us at extracting value out of our software and this leads to greater innovation and productivity for you and your teams.

In 2021, we will make continuous efforts to enable collaboration and partnerships among our growing user base for greater learning and more innovation from our users – so that you can share and learn from each other.

Some things to look out for are our regular newsletters, YouTube Channel, and LinkedIn page.

I personally request you to please help us meet our goals by actively participating in making the Orgzit family more vibrant and helpful for everyone. Please join and contribute to one or more of the above channels whenever you can.

Nitin Verma
Founder & CEO @ Orgzit

⬆️Specialist Industrial Equipment Company, Kipro Technologies, completely moved their CRM tracking from Excel to Orgzit

“Orgzit helped us streamline critical business information and within a short period made our leads-to-cash processes more organized leading to collaboration efficient. The ROI on Orgzit is phenomenal, we recovered our investment in the first 45 days.”

Abhimanyu Sharma
General Manager
KiPro Technologies

Check out this video and watch how KiPro Technologies streamlined their entire CRM with Orgzit!

📊Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

Many of you had been requesting more flexibility in reports and dashboards. We heard you!

Now you can dynamically apply filters to your reports and dashboard widgets. This enables you to run reports on different datasets with just a few clicks. For example, you can use this capability to run reports for a different time interval, or a different customer.

We hope you will use these real-time BI capabilities to make better data-driven decisions to grow your business.

New Product Enhancements

1. Connect Orgzit to your email account

We’ve integrated Orgzit with Gmail (Office 365 – coming soon) so that you no longer have to go out of Orgzit to send emails to your customers.

Enabling this integration would allow you to send both automated and manual emails directly from your personal or company Gmail account.

Check out this article to learn how to enable Gmail Integration for your account.

2. Move Excel-based business processes into Orgzit with just 2-clicks

Moving your Excel tables into Orgzit is faster than ever before. With this product enhancement, you can now import a CSV file to create a new table in Orgzit with just a couple of clicks.

Bring more of your processes such as leads tracking, order tracking, payment collection, task tracking, or anything else that you are still running on Excel into Orgzit.

Learn how to create custom business process solutions on your own, you’ll be an expert in no time.

😎Check out these awesome Orgzit features!

Covid-19 accelerated remote work and the need to change the ways we collaborate with our clients, vendors, and team. Our systems usage skyrocketed since lockdowns began as many of you started collaborating more on Orgzit.

Check out the following articles to make sure you aren’t missing out on any of the collaboration features we have readily available for you to use.

  • Collaboration Features: Explore the variety of features for collaboration that suit businesses and organizations of all sizes and needs.

  • Dashboard Widgets: Learn how you can use dashboard widgets to always stay informed by quickly looking at reports and insights that matter the most!

Go Mobile

Check out Orgzit’s mobile apps if you haven’t already. We make tremendous efforts to ensure that you have access to all your data from anywhere, anytime. Download from the following links if you are not yet on mobile with Orgzit.

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