Scattered Excel, emails, and reminders causing fatigue?

More power to you to be in control of the technologies you use

What do you get when you combine a global pandemic, changing market requirements, working remotely?

A bit too much technology.

Worse… you lose control of your life and let technology take over.

How much?

Your screen time is as high as 14 hours a day.
You are constantly switching between different screens and applications.
You have better reflexes to app notifications than to a softball.

Do any of these resonate?

Today, I’m sharing the story of Abhi Sharma of KiPro Technologies – who was overwhelmed by scattered Excel sheets and emails.

KiPro Technologies – a manufacturer rep for leading global brands such as Kittiwake and Parker – has been selling specialized condition monitoring equipment for 25+ years for naval ships and heavy engineering industries.

Abhi’s life revolves around marshaling his sales and services teams for serving their B2B customers to help them track the condition of their equipment and avoid expensive failures.

TAT (turnaround time) and efficient service are critical. And, to achieve the TAT internal team collaboration is paramount.

Fatigued with Scattered Technology

KiPro’s sales and service workflows were highly dependent on 10-15 interconnected Excel sheets, shared Outlook calendars, and internal team chat groups.

When the lockdowns started, Abhi’s life was taken over by Excel sheets, emails, and calendar reminders. He was spending hours on the screen trying to collaborate with his remote team. Jumping from one spreadsheet to an Outlook calendar to a chat window just worsened the problem.

It became very challenging for Abhi to manage the core business data – leads, quotations, and service requests. Follow-ups were slipping through the cracks between Excel cells, reminders were not getting properly set up resulting in deadlines getting missed.

Despite doing his best and spending hours with technology, Abhi was frustrated with:

💲 Loss of Sales Revenue

🙁Increase in customer complaints due to missed deadlines

📉 Decreased Team Productivity

He knew running the business with processes scattered across different technology tools was not sustainable. He wanted and needed a solution that would put him back in the driver’s seat.

How to get back in control?

After having multiple brainstorming sessions with Abhi and his team, it was clear that they needed a centralized place to track and get work done.

“Orgzit helped us streamline critical business information and within a short period made our leads-to-cash processes centralized and more organized leading to efficient collaboration.

The ROI on Orgzit is phenomenal, we recovered our investment in the first 45 days.”

Abhi Sharma
General Manager, KiPro Technologies

With Orgzit, Abhi is back in control as now he just needs to open a single window to track end-to-end sales and service tasks.

Single Place: The entire team is able to work on a single application to track sales opportunities, quotes, service tickets, dispatch details, and all other data required for managing the complete sales and service workflows.

Dashboards: Abhi and his team have single-screen dashboards from where they get an overview at a glance of the most important tasks and business metrics. This has saved Abhi a lot of time and effort in switching between spreadsheets or applications to prioritize tasks for his team.

Reminders: With the system giving automated nudges and reminders, a lot of Abhi’s manual follow-up with his team has been eliminated. The Orgzit CRM has helped him enforce processes around customer responses and follow-ups which in turn has improved customer satisfaction levels.

✅Power of Flexibility: What’s most amazing is that Abhi’s team is no longer thinking “this is the way it has always been done”. They have beautifully adopted the no-code CRM environment to challenge the status quo and make a lot of changes in the CRM without losing their control over technology.

Streamline and Simplify

At Orgzit our mission is to empower business users to be in control of their sales and service process so that you can focus on delighting your customers.

If you would like to learn more about the features and workflows we helped KiPro with and adopt some for your own business, connect with us today.

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