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Save 100s of hours sending follow-up emails to customers. Use Orgzit Email Templates to send personalized emails in a couple of clicks.

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We listened to you! Last month, we’ve released one of the most requested features from our customers – Email Templates.

Also check out the interview with Joell Perez, VP Sales at ADE Systems where he talks about how his team uses Orgzit to improve follow-ups on quotes and close more deals.

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Product Spotlight – Email Templates

Using Email Templates, you can create customized emails for different purposes and send them as and when required in a more efficient way.
Learn about how you can create and manage multiple email templates in your Orgzit account from this support article!

Customer Spotlight – ADE Systems

ADE Systems has been providing HVAC solutions for over 40+ years, with a reputation of excellence in the contracting, engineering, and architectural communities. See how Orgzit helped Sales Reps at ADE Systems close more deals by improving follow-ups!

“40% of my business is on follow-up and Orgzit has improved my follow-ups from 75% to 100%. This has put us ahead of the competition.”

Joell Perez
Vice President
ADE Systems Inc.

New Product Enhancements

1. Display Date Fields in Your Preferred Format

Users can now choose the date format for their account and display, upload, and download dates in the format that suits them the best. Eg. YYYY-MM-DD, MM-DD-YYYY, or DD-MM-YYYY

2. Choose from Multiple Phone Number Formats

Orgzit now supports three different phone number formats. While adding a new phone number field, you can choose the format that is most suitable for you. 

3. Prevent Duplicate Data Across Fields with Unique Across Attribute

Want to ensure that there is no duplicate data across fields? This newly added attribute ensures this for you. Learn how you can use it to get rid of duplicate data!

Are you using these cool Orgzit features yet?

If you aren’t using them yet, you are missing out on tons of productivity. Click on the article links below to check out the feature and get started.

  • Saved Filters: See how you can not just apply filters but also save them for later use. 

  • Views: Explore the different views to present your data and choose the most suitable ones for your workflow.  

  • Upload CSV: Discover how can create records in bulk by using the Upload CSV feature.

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